The Other Daughter

"A stunning debut,
I loved it."

Clare Empson,
author of Him and Mine

You only get one life.

But what if it isn't the one you were meant to live?

When British teacher Jessica discovers a shocking secret about her birth, she travels to Switzerland in search of answers. She knows her mother spent time in the country writing an article on the Swiss women’s rights movement, but what she doesn’t know is what happened to her while she was there. Can Jess summon the courage to face the truth about her family, or will her search only hurt herself and those around her even more?
Set across a stunning Swiss backdrop, The Other Daughter follows one woman in her search for the truth about her birth, and another desperately trying to succeed in a man’s world. 

The Other Daughter was published in February 2021 by Simon & Schuster UK.

"Well written & pacy. Full of gorgeous scenery, emotion & SUCH fascinating stuff about women's rights through the decades." Tracy Rees, author of The Hourglass

"A tightly-plotted and absorbing tale of one woman's journey to uncover the secrets of her birth." Beth Morrey, author of Saving Missy

"A fresh, original, passionate and page-turning story about women’s choices and past secrets that demands to be read." Rachel Hore, author of The Love Child